Giant Muscle Cells Surrounded By A Sheath – Truth About Six Packs Abs

Let’s start with the simplest things and gradually concretize concepts and terms, with whom you will meet when we get to the specific recommendations for the organization of training.
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Muscle – the main element is stressed in the training process. It is a complex molecular motor capable of directly converting chemical energy into mechanical work. Structural unit of muscle is the muscle fiber (it is of three types, of which in relation to the topic of this book are of particular importance of fast-twitch fibers are responsible for the strength and speed of contraction).

Muscle fiber is a giant muscle cells surrounded by a sheath – the sarcolemma, which is contained within the sarcoplasm, which includes intracellular elements – the nucleus, mitochondria, myofibrils, ribosomes, etc.
Contractile elements of the muscle fiber are myofibrils – muscle filament thickness of 1-2 microns, consisting of thin and thick protofibrils, which are based on the contractile proteins actin and myosin, at the time of the muscular contraction thin drawn into the gaps between the thick, resulting in a reduction of muscle fibers and thus the whole muscle. Located between myofibrils mitochondria – “power station” of muscle fibers containing high-energy phosphate substances and are sources of energy. Sarcoplasm is a system of longitudinal and transverse tubules, membrane vesicles, which bears the name of the sarcoplasmic reticulum, which divides the sarcoplasm to “compartments”, where all the biochemical processes occur.


Interstitial Fibroids Lead To Longer – Amanda Leto

Symptoms of compression of adjacent organs often appear in large sizes of units and low localization of nodes. Submucosal fibroids are most common heavy menstruation, and at larger sizes when the node starts to occupy a large area of the uterus, bleeding from the genital tract loses their recurrence, and sometimes do not stop.

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With this arrangement, the patient node due to heavy bleeding from the genital tract is almost always developing anemia. Submucosal fibroids can give pain cramping in nature, most often occurring in the days of menstruation. Submucous site is a kind of “foreign” to the body of the uterus, from which it trying to escape. Sometimes these sites may even own “born.” This process is accompanied by a very strong cramping and bleeding.

Interstitial fibroids (with intermuscular location nodes) lead to longer, plentiful and painful menstruation. Especially often abundant, long and painful menstruation observed when combined uterine fibroids and adenomyosis also, when the growth of intramuscular part of the node it can grow in the direction of the uterus. With such a marked uterine localization of the same symptoms as in the submucosal growth of the site, and their severity depends on the size of submucosal fragment node. Subserous fibroids often manifested clinically pain symptoms localized pain in the abdomen and / or lower back. Their appearance is associated with tension ligamentous apparatus of the uterus and fibroids growing pressure on the nerve plexus pelvis.

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THE APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE – Review on Truth About Cellulite

Truth About Cellulite Program by Kyle Leon have observe that depressed parts of the skin rigidity of vertical and parts “stuffed” for skin elasticity septa.  It’s as if you looked for a mattress! Q up .. horror! Many shouted Now!
CALM THAT MUCH TIME! It may not look it, but the tips to control this “curse” turned out to be exposed!
One detail worth mentioning is that the finer the dermis layer of the skin (collagen), the easier the fat “greenhouse”, forming cellulite. Here then it is worth remembering what has been said in the article collagen and elastic – I WANT IS MORE!

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The causes of cellulite involve changes in the physiology of metabolism and feeding excess amount or poor quality, changes in connective tissue structure, hormonal factors, genetic factors, the micro-circulatory system, the extracellular matrix and inflammatory changes.

Genetic inheritance is very important in cellulite and has to be taken into account.
You can inherit different types of factors that predispose to it (production of hormones, constitutional type and even eating habits). But that does not mean you will necessarily develop cellulite problem. Suppose two identical twin sisters with genetic predisposition to cellulite are created by different families.
A family cares about keeping a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. The other does not give importance to such care. The first mate has much less likely to develop cellulite.

Your Guide To Food Bodybuilding – Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

To all the athletes who are interested in building their muscles through exercises bodybuilding, you preserve in shape, and that by following a balanced diet program gives you energy, and on the follow-up exercise. Protein is essential: the body’s need for protein increases when building muscle, proteins essential to repair the damage that occurs in the body and hormones involved in growth, the basic amount of about 180 grams, it is possible to increase the consumption of protein based on several factors.


Accommodate the total amount of protein: You must deal with 6 meals a day instead of the normal rate of eating 3 meals, whenever the spread rate of protein intake, the greater the digestion and maintained the rate of the hormone cortisol and testosterone in the body.

Carbohydrates pay process: Carbohydrates are the fuel your workouts and that allows you to pay yourself for longer, stronger, stimulating hormonal reactions that help in the formation of amino acids necessary for muscle repair and recovery.
Mark and post-training meal Links: After at least 30 minutes of exercise eating 20-30 grams of protein digestion fast, you can eat scrambled from whey protein soluble in water, eat 50-60 grams of carbohydrate, such as a quick digestion in cookies and oatmeal.

Eat a big meal before training: eat a big meal about an hour or a little less before training allows you to training strongly and provide the body with abundant carbohydrates and protein that prevents muscle breakdown.
Take a break: rest days along with adequate nutrition, allow the body to compensate and recover his strength and helps to build muscle is complete.
Do not overload in taking supplements: dietary supplements help to enhance your diet, what you eat is the foundation and there are a lot of beginners make mistakes and think that supplements are the basis of the feeding systems of their own.

Various Massages For Cellulite Treatment – Review by Truth About Cellulite

Of which there are various massages, artistic massage is a different massage that relies on music and the right touch.
This concept created by massage Guy Dumont, proposes to treat the body as a whole, like an orchestra comprised of numerous instruments, different in their design and quality of expression. It is the reunion of the hands and skin. It is a means of communication and knowledge of the other.

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Art rhythmic massage
We have to understand and admit that the whole tactile contact between two people means, first of all, the reunion of two living organisms.
We can say that there is, the level of the living, when there is contact an interpretation of two or more movements that are different. The most important is that they are modular.
Getting go this way in the movement of the other, using our hands as the exact piece of the puzzle that particular time and place, exerting the right force to the rhythm of a good song, then symbiosis is perfect: just touch!
Guy Dumont method’s main feature, apart from just touch, stimulation of all the skin of our body, which represents nine distinct parts: the back, the rear face of the legs, the anterior surface of the legs, feet, arms, hands, trunk, neck and face.
Clearly, to treat the body as a whole, not dissecting all the skin and stimulating the tactile level
Hand and sound waves (music) with a fair touch, contribute to the body to release tension, fatigue and stress, leading the relaxation by activating the blood and lymphatic circulation and improve the problem of tired legs, cellulite, obesity, constipation, etc..
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How Is The Diagnosis Of Back Muscular Pain? – Kyle Leon Muscle Maximizer

50-year-old reader asks what causes back pain. And how it can be detected and diagnosed?
The answer, interventional radiology professor and head of the Institute of therapeutic catheter brain Nasser saying that spine pain affects a lot of patients, which is produced from either cartilage or paragraphs or nerves or the hinges or ligaments or muscle or neural tube.

Kyle Leon the author of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review Explains, it is common to all back pain, but this is a common mistake, and here comes the role of the physician is to differentiate between these causes to achieve a proper diagnosis through analysis of patient’s medical history, and perform some medical tests when examining the patient, and the use of and analysis.
Kyle Leon Review adds that the amount of pain is not related to its source, many causes of back pain mention the most important, pain and shortness of neural tube, and the pain of vertebral slip, and slipped disc pain, and muscle aches.
Explains Kyle Leon to diagnose back pain should come before treatment, as is common among some patients, it must stand the doctor on the cause of these pains, because a lot of back pain recover without medical intervention, but there is pain necessary to intervene and by a doctor with a high skill and all cases, the cure is possible in most cases, as long as intervention came in a timely and appropriate manner.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ON MUSCLE BUILDING…

Confirms Kyle Leon Somanabolic Program that the attending physician of the state division of the causes of pain and to combine the analysis of details of the image irradiance with a complaint patient with clinical examination, and are selected patients suitable for suction cartilage in accordance with the standards of appropriate scientific and unprecedented, and assures Kyle Leon that during the past five years has been selected 1,500 patients to perform suction cartilage total of 4600 patients.
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Curry treats muscular Dystrophy Cerebrospinal – Kyle Leon Review

A world to accomplish major medical opens the doors of hope and wide in front of muscular dystrophy patients, which represents the largest proportion of men infected.

This achievement has published many medical journals specialized in the forefront of the global journal Nature American widespread. The achievement of a chemical compound called SC – 9 G, which has proved highly effective when injected in patients with muscular dystrophy, where led to better and relieve some of the symptoms associated with such weak parties and is hard to walk shaky or balanced.

Review by Kyle Leon says that, This compound is formed by what the newspaper of several elements extracted from turmeric mixed vegetable curry and ginger, can resist the male hormone effectively happens and then have a noticeable effect in the improvement and ease of spinal muscular atrophy.

The experiments conducted by Professor sustained over three years in the second hospital of the Faculty of Medicine at the University in eastern part of America as well as the medical center of mice infected with muscular dystrophy, and which confirmed the effectiveness of the chemical compound.

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Art Rhythmic Massage For Cellulite – Joey Atlas Scam

Art Rhythmic Massage
Where movements are made depending on the pace and intensity of the music chosen. Art Rhythmic massage. Guy Dumont, creator of this massage, was in Portugal and we had the opportunity to speak with him. Learn all about the artistic importance of education and massage of the hands for the Prevention of Cellulite.
Massage is an enjoyable experience and, as such, helps mechanisms mind/body to produce endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers. Touch is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax our tight muscles and allow the flow of life to go back to our body.
When the muscles are relaxed, all of our physical processes present improvements and work more efficiently. Acquired or repurchased a different perspective of life, in that tense muscles and slow lymphatic system tend to cloud our perception, giving us the prospect of life in a sick way.

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The Benefits of Massage
– Normalizes blood pressure
– Reduces the production of adrenaline
– Helps slow the panting
– Decreases pain relieving inflammation of the muscles
– Increases the flow of body fluids by removing toxins
– Enables movement, which helps the supply of nutrients to all organs and skin.

Way to Relieve Muscle Pain After Exercise – Kyle Leon Scam

Could be the solution in a glass of cherry juice? Is it possible to become a favorite juice cherry juice for athletes? Says the rumors and old stories that cherry juice diluted to pain, and this is confirmed by new research.

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In a recent study at the University of Oregon Health & Science University, runners who drank tart cherry juice before race distances felt less pain in the muscle after the race compared with those who drank a placebo. The researchers believe that the difference may be attributed to the presence of flavonoids and antioxidants a high anti-inflammatory. (Anthocyanins are also available substance in fruits with red or violet, such as berries.)

Keeping the knee healthy, according to the study of a second, and his colleagues examined the effect of cherry juice on muscle strength and pain among women with fibromyalgia, and after attendance juice for a period of two weeks, found that half of the posts are maintaining strong muscles with the decline staggering in pain scores. It can be extended to deal with the positive impact the juice on people with arthritis, too, which means less pain when exercising. Cherry juice also helps to reduce uric acid, which causes joint pain from the disease of kings.
Thread still need to study more, but so far you can take advantage of this information and replace energy juices cherry juice or eating a lot of cranberry blue and red.

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Weight lifting Increases Muscle Density – Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Thinness problem facing some young people, and the doctors have confirmed that the increase in weight and build muscle need to be accurate in the evaluation and find out why.

Doctors recommend in this case made some analyzes that explain the reasons for thinness, as well as to be the lack of knowledge of the amount of muscle, because that will be the basis of the program and type of food, as well as the sport so special, as reported by the newspaper.

So you should practice sports continuously to increase fitness, start to follow the program to increase muscle by lifting

weights or iron and special exercises to increase and strengthen the muscles, with eating a good amount of liquids such as water, juice, milk, and which contribute to the strengthening and increasing muscle size.

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