Procedure Of Extra Pounds And Cellulite Removal

Procedure of extra pounds and cellulite removal – Remove excess fat and have a perfect figure is every woman dream. Some of them still spend time in gyms, trying to achieve this through training; others are grueling diets, limiting themselves all over. But Truth About Cellulite is, the most advanced of them are using a safe and effective way to get rid of the fat folds – electrolipolysis method.

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The mechanism of action electrolipolysis – Let’s understand what is electrolipolysis? Procedure applies to innovative, non-invasive and non-invasive methods of removing fat deposits in problem areas. And to be precise, the electrolipolysis – it is a safe process of destruction of adipocytes (fat cells) using the AC pulses at a predetermined frequency and wavelength.

First method was used 10-12 years ago, when there was a need for a non-invasive procedure, while reducing the rehabilitation period and possible complications. Under the influence of low-frequency AC dense fat easily becomes softer (emulsification process), reduces the size of fat particles, facilitating the process of their removal to the extracellular space and deletes.

During the electrolipolysis – Joey Atlas Program says, AC frequency changes several times, and the resulting electromagnetic field in the affected area makes adipocytes work in emergency mode. Under the influence of the magnetic field locally body temperature rises, it requires energy, facilitating the transition to a more dense fat is soft and flowing.

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