Interstitial Fibroids Lead To Longer – Amanda Leto

Symptoms of compression of adjacent organs often appear in large sizes of units and low localization of nodes. Submucosal fibroids are most common heavy menstruation, and at larger sizes when the node starts to occupy a large area of the uterus, bleeding from the genital tract loses their recurrence, and sometimes do not stop.

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With this arrangement, the patient node due to heavy bleeding from the genital tract is almost always developing anemia. Submucosal fibroids can give pain cramping in nature, most often occurring in the days of menstruation. Submucous site is a kind of “foreign” to the body of the uterus, from which it trying to escape. Sometimes these sites may even own “born.” This process is accompanied by a very strong cramping and bleeding.

Interstitial fibroids (with intermuscular location nodes) lead to longer, plentiful and painful menstruation. Especially often abundant, long and painful menstruation observed when combined uterine fibroids and adenomyosis also, when the growth of intramuscular part of the node it can grow in the direction of the uterus. With such a marked uterine localization of the same symptoms as in the submucosal growth of the site, and their severity depends on the size of submucosal fragment node. Subserous fibroids often manifested clinically pain symptoms localized pain in the abdomen and / or lower back. Their appearance is associated with tension ligamentous apparatus of the uterus and fibroids growing pressure on the nerve plexus pelvis.

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