Various Massages For Cellulite Treatment – Review by Truth About Cellulite

Of which there are various massages, artistic massage is a different massage that relies on music and the right touch.
This concept created by massage Guy Dumont, proposes to treat the body as a whole, like an orchestra comprised of numerous instruments, different in their design and quality of expression. It is the reunion of the hands and skin. It is a means of communication and knowledge of the other.

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Art rhythmic massage
We have to understand and admit that the whole tactile contact between two people means, first of all, the reunion of two living organisms.
We can say that there is, the level of the living, when there is contact an interpretation of two or more movements that are different. The most important is that they are modular.
Getting go this way in the movement of the other, using our hands as the exact piece of the puzzle that particular time and place, exerting the right force to the rhythm of a good song, then symbiosis is perfect: just touch!
Guy Dumont method’s main feature, apart from just touch, stimulation of all the skin of our body, which represents nine distinct parts: the back, the rear face of the legs, the anterior surface of the legs, feet, arms, hands, trunk, neck and face.
Clearly, to treat the body as a whole, not dissecting all the skin and stimulating the tactile level
Hand and sound waves (music) with a fair touch, contribute to the body to release tension, fatigue and stress, leading the relaxation by activating the blood and lymphatic circulation and improve the problem of tired legs, cellulite, obesity, constipation, etc..
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