Massages For Cellulite Reduction – Truth About Cellulite

This massage is practiced two or four hands. In the latter case, the two masseuses are perfectly synchronized so that the massaged person will not notice any difference between the hands of one and the other and did not realize where one meets the other.

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The person enjoys comfort while enjoying even more of the relaxing effects of music. Massage is elevated to the rank of art. The artistic massage was created by Guy Dumont just over 20 years after the study of different massage techniques and practice of martial arts.
Passionate about music and the strength of sound, “this massage is the practice of combination that forces the flexibility of my fingers and defines the quality of my hands.
Studies of naturopathy and osteopathy pushed me to care where the main word is the comfort at fair tap, “says Guy Dumont.


Other quick remedies:
Cough – Onion cut in half on the nightstand, the thinly sliced carrot slices with brown sugar, allow to marinate a few hours; Kiwi with honey
Hoarseness – Tea onion skin
Constipation – Orange
Diarrhea – Tea bay and cinnamon (boil and pour over the bay cinnamon); cup water with flour; Drinking cola without gas; Do a rice with lots of water and drink the water in which rice is cooked
Thrush – Chewing rosemary leaf for about 3 min
Headache- Coffee with Lemon
Bruises and insect bites – Vinegar

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