Curry treats muscular Dystrophy Cerebrospinal – Kyle Leon Review

A world to accomplish major medical opens the doors of hope and wide in front of muscular dystrophy patients, which represents the largest proportion of men infected.

This achievement has published many medical journals specialized in the forefront of the global journal Nature American widespread. The achievement of a chemical compound called SC – 9 G, which has proved highly effective when injected in patients with muscular dystrophy, where led to better and relieve some of the symptoms associated with such weak parties and is hard to walk shaky or balanced.

Review by Kyle Leon says that, This compound is formed by what the newspaper of several elements extracted from turmeric mixed vegetable curry and ginger, can resist the male hormone effectively happens and then have a noticeable effect in the improvement and ease of spinal muscular atrophy.

The experiments conducted by Professor sustained over three years in the second hospital of the Faculty of Medicine at the University in eastern part of America as well as the medical center of mice infected with muscular dystrophy, and which confirmed the effectiveness of the chemical compound.

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