Reconstruct The Skin After Cellulite – Truth About Cellulite Review

Rhino pasty
Rhino pasty is a pioneer in cosmetic surgery today. From the fourth century BC that doctors around the world tried to reconstruct noses lost through pieces of the arm or forehead.
As you can imagine, were dangerous, processes, and the results left much to be desired.
In the nineteenth century, surgery had advanced considerably, but the modern rhino pasty can only be considered as such from 1887, when the parasitologist
American John Orlando held the first closed intervention, making it the inside of the nose… !
However, it was the Prussian doctor Jacques Joseph, his great rival, who won fame despite having played only 11 years later. Life sometimes has difficult things to understand.

Information Shared By Joey Atlas the author of Truth About Cellulite Program (

Doctor, give me another injection for over 25 years, toxin has been introduced as an alternative to surgery to treat certain problems of the eye muscles, such as strabismus.
In Canada, in 1982, the ophthalmologist Jean Caruthers began to use it in their patients.
Five years later, one of them asked him to inject the toxin between the eyebrows. The doctor surprised by the request, since it had no spasms in that area. “I know Doc, but I’m always dealing with such a beautiful and relaxed expression … ‘.
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