Cellulite and Localized Fat – Truth About Cellulite

Cellulite and Fat
Localized fat is the worst enemy that a woman can have when it comes to maintaining good form.
To combat these two great evils we need to control the power and apply the exercise.  And to reinforce also may use the ginger, which helps to improve circulation and mint essential oil, with biolytic action.

 To lose fat nothing better than chicory and gout kola, and to reduce cellulite is the ideal bet the rosemary.  Joey Atlas (the author of Truth About Cellulite) leave some recipes to exterminate these two evils: Mix 20 g of green clay and 7 drops of mint essential oil with water in an amount sufficient to form a thick paste quantity.  Later spread the paste over the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks. Leave to act for 30 minutes. Then Remove with water and use the mask twice a week.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ON CELLULITE…
Another of the remedies is to mix ½ liter of horsetail tea and 5 drops of ginseng and make a circular massage vigorously. Then apply a few drops of sunflower oil in the region to be treated and massage again. That done wrap the area with plastic wrap and remove after 30 minutes.

Ingrown hairs.
Truth About Cellulite shows; Many women have ingrown hairs and often this is a sign that they are already too weak and cannot break the skin, getting ingrown. To resolve make an exfoliation with a green scouring pad. But beware: it must be gently and in a circular motion not to hurt.


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