Art Rhythmic Massage For Cellulite – Joey Atlas Scam

Art Rhythmic Massage
Where movements are made depending on the pace and intensity of the music chosen. Art Rhythmic massage. Guy Dumont, creator of this massage, was in Portugal and we had the opportunity to speak with him. Learn all about the artistic importance of education and massage of the hands for the Prevention of Cellulite.
Massage is an enjoyable experience and, as such, helps mechanisms mind/body to produce endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers. Touch is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax our tight muscles and allow the flow of life to go back to our body.
When the muscles are relaxed, all of our physical processes present improvements and work more efficiently. Acquired or repurchased a different perspective of life, in that tense muscles and slow lymphatic system tend to cloud our perception, giving us the prospect of life in a sick way.

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The Benefits of Massage
– Normalizes blood pressure
– Reduces the production of adrenaline
– Helps slow the panting
– Decreases pain relieving inflammation of the muscles
– Increases the flow of body fluids by removing toxins
– Enables movement, which helps the supply of nutrients to all organs and skin.


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