The quality of the kinematics – Kyle Leon

Absolutely there is a use obligatory of elastic bandages and special ointments, leg press with a narrow stop staging. In this exercise, a lot depends on the equipment. Biomechanical characteristics of most machines leg press unfortunately, far from naturally-optimal performance, which limits their use, especially because of the excessive load on the knee joints.

Information Shared By Kyle Leon the author of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer (

If the design, the quality of the kinematics and bio-mechanical characteristics allow simulator (Feels Like) receiving surface distributes the load over a greater length of the thigh, while the load on the knee joint is acceptable, then you are lucky, you may add it to the arsenal of exercise exercises worked out hips. Exercises, providing general developmental effect on leg muscle mass, are squats on his chest, squats with a barbell on your back, pull rod jerk and jogging.

Squats on his chest characteristic position of the projectile, the bar rests on the deltoids, and thus determine the vertical position of the projectile body posing along with a deep gray-haired and deployed your thighs do this exercise for the optimal development of the muscular apparatus of the hips. Optimality squats with a barbell on his chest is manifested not only in a balanced exposure to all parts of the thigh – the extensors, flexors and lead, but also in the nature of the optimal training impact on every part of the femoral array.

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