The Naturally Equal Participation of both Pairs – Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

Initially, the movement is performed as usual, with the naturally equal participation of both pairs of joints like the knee and hip, but when the shins vertical position (at the beginning of the exercise shins are angled inward) movement is carried out mainly through the hips; angle knees facing changes as much as possible without legs and so far as is necessary to ensure the continuation of the movement. To ensure shins forward need enough wide stance with naturally-deployed position stop at 45 degrees or more from the vector parallel position (stop).

Information Shared By Kyle Leon the author of Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer (

Not wide enough (narrow) feet posing unacceptable because it causes a lowering of the knees forward and sideways and, of course, unnecessary in this technique, the active participation of the extensors thighs. Staging feet wide and more optimally inadmissible for shins inside (i.e. tibia are acute internal angle), which also involves getting up to work the front of the thigh. This technique requires good flexibility and a certain work to master, but a good development of problematic muscle party as the inner thigh.

Squats on chest with wide stance – In this embodiment, squats with a barbell on his chest staging required vertical legs, close to the vertical position of the body and is large enough depth. Wider than usual, setting the feet and at the same time provide enough deep saddle quite high efficiency of this muscle building workout for the development of the internal parts of the thighs.


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