The Loss of Skin Elasticity Foundation of Cellulite – Joey Atlas Scam

Loss of skin elasticity
The loss of elasticity begins to be noticeable from the age of 30. At this stage, cell regeneration slows down slowly starting natural aging and loss of skin quality.
Furthermore, the body contour can be altered by factors such as hormonal changes or weight, obesity, pregnancy (s) or lack of rest.
To act on these changes, affecting increasingly female should not do without using a body moisturizer daily and switch it with products that notify, and reformed.
Should look for active ingredients that improve skin tone, strengthen and support fibers stimulate cell renewal?
Some existing treatments on the market can complement your effort to stay beautiful. This is the case of meson therapy, a treatment that combats cellulite and localized fat. The mesa therapy consists of intra-dermal injection (via micro-needles) of active ingredients.
 For a complete review on Cellulite, Visit Joey Atlas’s official website to see Cellulite Review and Its Treatments. (

The goal is to stimulate the release of fat, promote micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage of accumulated toxins. Also, there is equipment without needles; acting by into phrases (the ingredients penetrate the skin through laser and electric waves).
We give you the example of an available treatment in a clinical Porto, Clinic of Endocrinology and Medical Aesthetics Avenue Bess, or 400 per session (pack of 10 sessions). Initially, sessions are held weekly, takes 20 minutes. Maintenance treatment can be monthly or 2 in 2 months. The testimony of those who have underwent this cosmetic treatment.

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