Vegan Diet – Fat loss Factor Review by Charles Livingston Scam

Specialist of diets and expert, if all of the studies have demonstrated that a vegan diet is the healthiest diet, and it can fight more serious illnesses and wiped out just like the heart, diabetes and even cancer food natural vegetation-free of hormones and preservatives, and thus lowers cholesterol and pressure blood then we can stop the medication completely when we get to the rates of health, in his book your food your treatment, the body burns calories, according to the level of activity since we live in the era of inactivity and laziness instead of walking, and use the remote in everything in our lives, and I said movement of the body, which led to the accumulation of fat and thus increases cholesterol. Which leads to blockage of blood vessels, then we are forced to resort to medication, which may lead to renal failure.

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What is the plant?
Is a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, and all that is plant and planting in the ground and the ground and walk away completely from all animal products in all its forms, including that plant a little fat and a lot of fiber and vitamin and minerals therefore it improves a person’s health rapidly and decrease weight and increase immunity as well.
Stages of the plant system set your goal first:
Heart patient emphasizes that we must follow a strict vegetarian and stay away once and for all so fat and vegetable oil until the situation improves, then the arteries can add oils to eating fish.

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