Therapeutic Sessions For Cellulite – Truth About Cellulite

One of the first things that the patient will feel is a substantial pain relief after the first session, as well as the reduction of edema and decreased hematoma ‘, ensures Gabriela Laced. ”
It is important to say that the person does not feel pain. If drainage is well made, a suitable and good professional space, the method is painless’, underlines the lingo therapeutic.

Information Shared By Joey Atlas the author of Truth About Cellulite Program ( The best and painless cellulite treatment Program )

Therapeutic sessions
The technique of manual lymphatic drainage Dr. Dodder assumes a very slight movement that works the extent of skin.
‘For this reason, you should not use any product, cream or oil, it would be applied more pressure than necessary.
Simply using, for example, talcum powder, which allows removing moisture from the skin
Lymphatic drainage, are not the products that will promote good results but the accuracy in the execution of movements.
We just need the right to the lymphatic system of the patient stimulus.
Properly stimulating your lymphatic system, this will work better, allowing removing the excess fluid from ‘reinforces lingo therapeutic.

“Start by being a very gentle and superficial massage and evolves in terms of depth as the days postoperatively go by activating the lymphatic circulation to the tissues recover faster,” added the plastic surgeon Biscay Raga.
See the following page: The time that such procedures may take
The procedure itself depends on the goal you want to achieve and the case is being treated.

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