Green Coffee Effective Treatment For Weight Loss

A new study shows that green coffee beans unroasted can help get rid of some excess pounds.
The study, presented in front of the American Chemical, that after undergoing the test, 16 people suffering from obesity, excess or obesity natural, and asked them scholars maintain their natural diet requirement add daily doses of extract of unroasted coffee on the form of capsules, the researchers monitored the weight of the participants in the study throughout the nearly 6 months, and the result was that the daily consumption of a small amount of green coffee extract resulted in a decline by nearly 11% in weight.

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It also said the lead author of the study: “This was a small study, but the focus was not on the effect of caffeine on weight as much emphasis on the material is one of the basic elements in the coffee is a roasted chickpea.”
Based on our findings, eating capsules of green coffee, eating food with low-fat, healthy diet and exercise regularly can be a safe, effective and inexpensive way to lose weight, in short periods of time.

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