A Healthy Diet by Charles Livingston

We have to take advantage of the dieting period in the success of the weight loss period because eating less resistance and therefore increase the chances of success. Due to the length of time to refrain from eating less sugar in the blood, which leads to a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion and makes some people eat so much at breakfast to try to replenish the body, and this is a common mistake and could be avoided if we follow a healthy diet to fast so we have to know what is a healthy diet of fasting, which from which we can lose weight properly and healthily let’s continue to the following steps:

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Meal should contain protein such as beans, eggs, yogurt or yoghurt with fruit TWO

  1. Selection of Desserts health which contain protein and natural fruit instead of sweets other
  1. The body after breakfast needs some sugars but traditionally been wrong on a lot of sweets, especially ready-made, and often contain trans fat and sugar high and glucose, so shall reduce or refrain if possible from eating sweets famous ready to be harmful to health and necessarily lead to weight gain .
  1. But there are choices of desserts more useful, even if contained some sugar but contain useful nutrients. Note: You can replace sugar with honey or brown sugar eggs or fruit sugar (fructose), but do not use sugar alternative of all kinds because it is very harmful to health.

Examples excellent desserts: It is very, wetlands, passing almonds, dark chocolate, milk pass, dried figs into sentences.
Examples sweets good: rice with milk, cream caramel, or on, pumpkin, pudding, there are always choices in the food and drink we have to determine the better and we know that is not necessarily all that gives us is a useful and healthy even take advantage of the fast and pay dividends.


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