Mediterranean Diet is More Expensive

It’s really surprising that the Mediterranean diet is healthier, but it is also more expensive. A Project University of America shows the costs of dietary patterns “the Mediterranean Diet” by comparing the costs of the analysis.
Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of the results of the study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health on -line edition of the journal are published, the Most Influential Journals in the field of public health.
Information Shared By Dr. Charles Livingston Scam the author of Fat Loss Factor

Researcher, Maira Bes – Rastrollo, reminded more and more scientific evidence to support the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and, at the same time, proving that the harmful effects of fast-food. Therefore, the researcher believes that it would be worth it to raise the taxes of these foods and the healthy subsidize the citizens not to abandon their healthy diet because it is more expensive.

In 2008, more than 17,000 university graduates were finding the dietary pattern, dialog window. Volunteers on the frequency of food consumption questionnaire had to fill out a semi – Quantitative. Questionnaires, 136 foods were considered, divided into 30 groups, and each day the quantity consumed (in grams) would have to be determined. Based on this information, food costs were calculated on the basis of official data available, according to Maira Bes -Rastrollo.

The grading system is considered to be valid as to the researchers, was to see whether participants followed the Mediterranean diet, olive oil, fish, Legumes, fruits and vegetables rich in dietary pattern or received in America, i.e., fats, sugars, red meat, fast food, sugary drinks, carbonated and who start Dominated industrial bakery. Following the conclusions of the cost model is associated with the Mediterranean. And on the contrary, the scientists determined.
In addition, a high density of energy consumption with a shopping cart and snack food Intake was associated with participation.
In 1999, University Project Launched on diet, certain chronic diseases and conditions such as obesity, a link between the families. Every two years, the current year is based on the participants ‘ response. It has more than 20,000 volunteers, and, therefore, is one of the largest epidemiology studies in U.S.

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