Lymphatic Stimulation for Cellulite – Truth About Cellulite

It is a deep massage that causes an activation of lymphatic and venous drainage.
The patient wears an inflatable fact that by means of an air compressor, which is responsible for deep pressure massage. Always takes place from the feet to the abdomen, which causes lymphatic stimulation, allowing better circulation, while toxins are forwarded to the lymph channels.

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Non-invasive sub dermal therapy
Activate the circulatory system through vacuum terrapin and massage with rollers and suction, causing a mobilization of tissues. It is a recognized method extremely effective in breaking of fibrosis and thus the elimination of cellulite.
Signs Phototherapy with Electro portion
Phototherapy works as a natural activator of body functions.
When combined with electro portion (virtual meson therapy), tones and uplifting-skin.

Ultrasound with galvanic
It produces an internal heating of the tissues, with its consequent stimulation causes a kind of massage inner and consequently a fluidizing the helloed edema (cellulite).
At the same time, allows greater penetration of the active principles of the conductive gel used.
See the following page: The diet that should be followed during these treatments
Diet A team of nutritionists advise a specific and appropriate diet for each person, with the aim of not only potentiate the effect of the treatments, but also help you get more healthy eating habits.

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