Symptoms Resulting From Organic Cause Myself

Things generally accepted in medicine since the eras of long effect on the mental state of organic status of the body. It may seem strange and unfamiliar something that the children are suffering from symptoms of organic or physical without organic cause or a real disease, and the reason psychologically basically (Psychosomatic Illness), but the fact that children like adults, can also suffer from symptoms of the membership as a reflection of reason myself.

Damage to the muscles and the senses of the most famous of these cases, bed wetting condition suffered by many children, and that in the vast majority have psychological reasons more than organic, whether because of a problem in the bladder or diabetes.
There are many qualities that can be to differentiate between whether the show was due to faulty organic or psychological problem. In fact, the diagnosis of these symptoms is not easy and needs to the exclusion of organic disease is not completely up to deal with the reason that myself and neglect is a real organic cause.

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