Mechanical Cellulite Treatments

Consists of the winding and unwinding of the skin fold with own equipment. Triggers the natural process of drainage and biolysis in the deeper levels of fat and ‘promotes good physical disruption of the fibrous septa, “she says.
Involves infiltration of carbon dioxide in the subcutaneous tissue, helping the body to release oxygen
Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation of the tissues, promoting the degradation of fatty tissue
Manual lymphatic drainage
It’s a gentle hand massage that drains the areas where there is fluid retention. Helps decongest the lymph, vessels active the immune system and promotes detoxification of the body.
Radio frequency
Promotes a dermal and adipose tissue heating ‘It acts primarily at the level of adipose tissue metabolism It may possibly promote biolysis, but does not alter anatomic factors associated, in particular fibrous septa ‘considers Michael trenches.
Mechanical cellulite treatments
It is ender boogie equipment, a massage technique that deep, through a system of suction and rollers mobilizes subcutaneous tissue and stimulates the fat out of adiposities, promoting blood and lymph circulation.
This treatment costs, on average, about 15 to 675 per session or 50 per session.


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