Flabby Skin As A Result Of Rapid Weight Loss

Happen as a result of sagging skin to lose a lot of weight in a short time. The gradual weight loss or slow does not lead to a final sagging skin on the contrary, gives the body a chance to deal naturally with the changes that occur as a result of weight loss.
Eat a healthy balanced diet contains vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain the health of the skin, and, above all, must be the process of losing weight gradually.
How skin?
The beginning is not recommended doctor’s weight loss quickly and why you also you lose muscle density as well as fat. And maintaining muscle mass is necessary for the continuation of the process of metabolism and maintains the strength of the flesh and bones, ligaments textile.

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Impairment of rapid weight: When you lose weight quickly, especially if accompanied by a diet or weight-loss surgery, the skin hanging unacceptably and it becomes difficult to get rid of this problem. And the problem of sagging skin occurs automatically after the loss of a large volume of weight (30 kg) in a short period of time.
Age and genetics: There are many factors that help sagging skin as well as the first reason referred to a rapid impairment of weight. Age is genes and skin elasticity all of these factors contribute to sagging skin.
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