A weight loss world

If you look at various studies of long-lived people find that they have very little in common. Some were strict and did not drink any alcohol and smoke cigarettes, others again vice versa. Some were choleric, some melancholics, some gooders and other villains. Some also had high cholesterol, yet others do not. Strange, is not it? But all had relatively low blood sugar and triglycerides throughout life. And most importantly: all had relatively very low insulin levels!
Riddle: Who do we feed when we eat food? We in fact food consumed, they are our cells which diet we feed. To put something in their mouth and stomach, it’s just a process of transport of food from the place where the food grew, went through the store (farm, supermarket, market) to our mouth and into the stomach.
Distributed food from the stomach travels through the duodenum and small intestine into the blood stream where it is transported directly into the cells. They are our cells that are actually fed, not our language or feeling happily full belly. The fuel cells need to be able to regenerate.
A weight loss world, cells can consume only two types of fuel, fats and sugars. Guess which of the two fuels is more important and guess how this type of fuel also affects how you feel, how you look and how long you will live?
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